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Posted by Jane Thompson on 25/02/2020
Not sure of your next steps? Book on to one of our courses...

A programme of skills-training courses in scrambling, climbing and navigation specifically designed for members of BMC affiliated clubs.

The BMC and the AMI (Association of Mountaineering Instructors) are working together on this programme to offer club members the opportunity to learn skills to help them to become more independent walkers, climbers and scramblers.

With an array of courses, venues, dates and instructors this programme brings training courses closer to members, and at a very accessible cost.

Following feedback from club members we are offering a range of one-day courses run on weekend dates.  The list of courses is below and more information about the content can be found in this download.

Navigation skills.
Photo credit: Matt Woodfield

There are 8 different one-day courses available

  1. Intro to navigation skills and being safe in the hills (£40)
  2. Next steps navigation, including poor weather navigation (£40)
  3. Intro to scrambling (not using ropes) (£40)
  4. Next steps scrambling (£50)
  5. Intro to trad leading skills (£50)
  6. Improving your trad leading skills (£50)
  7. Intro to sport leading skills (£50)
  8. Skills for traditional climbing on sea cliffs (£50)

Click here to find out more about the content and pre-requesits for each of the courses.

The final location / meeting point for each course will be confirmed by the instrucor closer to the date of the course to allow for other factors, such as the weather, conditions etc. to be taken in to account.

Courses - 2020

North Western England, incl. Lake District

All enquiries and bookings for these courses in the Lakes and North West to be directed to Nick at

25 April (Sat) - Intro to Navigation, Lakes
26 April (Sun) - Next steps Navigation, Lakes

23 May (Sat)  - Intro to trad leading, Lakes
24 May (Sun) - Improving your trad leading skills, Lakes

27 June (Sat) - Intro to Scrambling, Lakes
28 June (Sun) - Next steps Scrambling, Lakes

29 August (Sat)  - Intro to trad leading, Lakes
30 August (Sun) - Improving your trad leading skills, Lakes

26 September (Sat) - Intro to Scrambling, Lakes
27 September (Sun) - Next steps Scrambling, Lakes

17 October (Sat) - Intro to Navigation, Lakes
18 October (Sun) - Next steps Navigation, Lakes


North Eastern England, incl Yorkshire & Peak District

All enquiries and bookings for these courses in the Peak District, Yorkshire and North East to be directed to Beyond the Edge.  All courses meet at the Sir William Hotel, Grindleford at 9am.

21 September (Sat) - Intro to trad leading, Grindleford, Peak District

5 October (Sat) - Intro to Navigation, Grindleford, Peak District

12 October (Sat) - Intro to sport leading skills, Grindleford, Peak District

9 November (Sat) - Next steps Navigation, Grindleford, Peak District


North Wales

All enquiries and bookings for these courses in North Wales to be directed to Matt at the Great Orme Vertical website.  Courses marked * will meet at Siabod cafe, Capel Curig.

7 March (Sat) - Intro to Navigation, Snowdonia *
8 March (Sun) - Next steps Navigation, Snowdonia

21 March (Sat) - Intro to scrambling, Snowdonia *
22 March (Sun) - Next steps scrambling, Snowdonia *

29 March (Sun) - Intro to sport leading skills, North Wales coast

4 April (Sat) - Intro to trad leading, Snowdonia *
5 April (Sun) - Improving your trad leading skills, Snowdonia *


South Wales

All enquiries and bookings for these courses in South Wales to be directed to Matt at

29 February (Sat) - Intro to Navigation, Swansea Valley
1 March (Sun) - Next steps Navigation, Black Mountains

23 May (Sat) - Trad climbing on sea cliffs, Rhosilli, Gower
24 May (Sun) - Intro to sport leading, Southgate, Gower


South West of England

All enquiries and bookings for these courses in the South West to be directed to Gavin at or Jay at

7 March (Sat) - Intro to trad leading, Dartmoor

8 March (Sun) - Intro to Navigation, Dartmoor

11 April (Sat) - Improving your trad leading skills, Dartmoor

9 May (Sat) - Trad climbing on sea cliffs, Devon (tbc)

10 May (Sun) - Next steps Navigation, Dartmoor

13 June (Sat) - Intro to trad leading, Dartmoor
14 June (Sun) - Trad climbing on sea cliffs, Devon (tbc)

11 July (Sat) - Improving your trad leading skills, Dartmoor


Intro to leading outdoor sport climbing.
Photo credit: Matt Woodfield


For any further enquiries about this programme please contact Jane via or 07885 910606

There are many other courses either specifically for Club Members or open to Club Members, these include

For all other training courses, click here



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