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Posted by Catherine Flitcroft on 11/02/2020

The Ramblers have today launched a campaign, Don’t Lose Your Way, to encourage walkers to explore the country in search of unrecorded rights of way.

An estimated 10,000 miles of paths across England and Wales could be lost forever if they’re not added to the definitive map by 2026.  The Ramblers are therefore asking walkers to join the search and help find these lost paths before it's too late.

Paths are one of our most precious assets. They connect us to our landscapes, our history and the people who formed them over the centuries.

From 1 January 2026 it will no longer be possible to add paths to the definitive map based on historical evidence and any missing paths could be lost forever. However, it is unclear how many paths are missing, or even where they are, and time is running out.  For more information on what an Unrecorded Right of Way is click here.

Join the search to help the Rambler find these paths and help put them back on the map for generations to come!

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This equally applies to bridleways, many of which were historically bridle roads or carriage ways. Some have been labelled incorrectly as footpaths or just forgotten altogether. For more information contact the British Horse Society or your local council. Help get walkers and horses off the busy and dangerous roads back where they belong. Horses and riders are killed and injured frequently by vehicles driven too fast or close. Thankyou.
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