Wyming Brook

Eastern Gritstone

User attention

From the 11th September 2023 till at least the start of 2024 the carpark and all paths within Wyming Brook will be closed while tree felling is carried out. The ultimate deadline for completion is 31st March 2024, though the exact duration will depend on weather and site logistics.

A Statutory Plant Health Notice on the site means that the council is obliged to remove larch and sweet chestnut trees to control the spread of the fungal pathogen Phytophthora. The works will involve heavy machinery on the main track along the valley and the felling of a large number of trees.

 Further details are available here - https://www.wildsheffield.com/wyming-brook-works-faqs/

The BMC have sought further clarification on the extent and duration of the restriction and will update the RAD when this information becomes available.

from 11/09/2023

Several isolated buttresses on both sides of a beautiful valley leading north-south into the Rivelin Valley. Most routes are damp most of the year, steep and lichenous. In other words, a true enthusiasts venue. A full range of grades but over half the routes are extreme. Good spread out bouldering on both sides of the valley, but can be slow to dry.

Crag information
Climbing Area: Peak District Rock Type: Gritstone
Importance: Local CRoW Land: No
Ownership: Local Authority No. of Routes: 70
Within National Park: Yes Year Developed: 1940
Grid Reference: SK271861

Parking and Approach

Parking is available at the northern end of the valley which is 2km east of Lodge Moor, Sheffield. It is occasionally served by the Lodge Moor bus extending its route.

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Weather Information

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