Significant Features and Benefits

The following is only a summary of the main cover limits. For the full terms and conditions you should read the following:

Section Cover per person (up to) Excess* per person
1. Cancellation or Curtailment Charges £5,000 £95
2. Emergency Medical & Other Expenses £10,000,000 £95
Search & Rescue Expenses £100,000 £95**
3. Hospital Inconvenience Benefit £1,000 (£50 per 24 hours) Nil
4. Personal Accident    
Death £5,000 Nil
Loss of Limb(s)/Sight £10,000 Nil
Permanent Total Disablement £10,000 Nil
5. Baggage & Passport ^ £2,500 £95
Single article, pair or set limit £500  
Valuables limit £500  
Sports Equipment in total (bicycle limit) £1,500 (£1,000)  
Loss of Passport (travel & accommodation) £500 Nil
Baggage Delay (over 12 hours) £300 Nil
Sports Equipment Delay (over 12 hours) £350 Nil
6. Personal Money & Travel Documents ^ £750†† £95
Cash Limit £400††  
7. Personal Liability £2,000,000 £95 (property damage)
8. Journey Disruption incl. Airspace Closure £2,500 £95***
9. Delayed Departure (after 12 hours) £120 (£30 each 12 hour delay) Nil
Trip Cancellation (after 12 hours delay) £5,000 £95
10. Missed Departure/Missed Connection £1,000 £95***
11. Travel Risks    
Hijack/Kidnap £2,500 (£100 per 24 hours) Nil
Mugging £250 Nil
Catastrophe £1,000 £95
12. Legal Expenses £50,000 Nil
13. Loss of Sports Activity Packs £250 Nil
14. Additional Pet Care Fees £200 (£10 per 24 hours) Nil
Extension - British Forces Posted Overseas & Embassy Personnel - only applies if You have arranged cover and this is shown on Your Policy Schedule.
Extension - Winter Sports - only applies if Your Policy Schedule shows that You have bought optional activity cover 'Alpine & Ski' or 'High Altitude & Remote Areas'.
Winter Sports Extension Cover    
Ski Equipment loss/damage ^ £500 £95
Single article, pair or set limit £350  
Hired Ski Equipment lost / damaged £350  
Delayed Ski Equipment (after 12 hours) ^ £350 Nil
Loss of Ski Pack £250 Nil
Piste Closure (not UK) £300 (£30 per 24 hours) Nil
Avalanche/Weather Delay £500 Nil

Cover Notes:

† The cover is reduced if You are aged under 16 or aged 65 and over, at the time of the physical injury, see Section 4 for full details.
†† The cover is reduced if You are aged under 16, at the time of the loss or theft, see Section 6 for full details.

Excess Notes:

* The excess is deducted from each claim event. This means that more than one excess might apply, for example if your claim falls under multiple sections of the Insurance Cover then an excess will apply for each as noted in the table above.
This Excess applies for each Insured Person
Note: Any excess imposed by Us following Your call to the Medical Screening Line will still apply.
** The excess is increased to £500 in respect of helicopter rescue from/within Nepal.
*** The excess is increased to £250 for missed departure/missed connection from Lukla airport in Nepal due to inclement weather

Loss/Damage Notes:

^ You will not be covered for loss, theft or damage of these items if they are left unattended at any time unless they are deposited in a hotel safety deposit box or left in your locked accommodation.

Other exclusions apply and these are contained within the Evidence of Cover documentation.