Club support: webinar programme for officers, leaders and volunteers

Posted by Jane Thompson on 07/01/2021

During 2021 the BMC will be delivering a series of free webinars designed for the officers, leaders and volunteers within affiliated clubs. These will be a mixture of workshops, Q&A’s, and lectures.

Following on from successes during 2020 in delivering lectures, training sessions, workshops and Q&A sessions to our members we intend to extend the programme in to 2021.  These will run, predominantly, on a weekday evening and will last up to a couple of hours.

We know that for many of our members attending virtual sessions is a great option – they are easy to access, don’t involve the costs (financial and environmental) in travelling to a venue, and are a more effective and efficient use of their time.  However, we know that not everyone wants to join a virtual session, and so once we are permitted we will restart our face-to-face sessions too.  We know that many of our members enjoy the interaction that a face-to-face session brings and we don’t want to lose that.

We are busy planning some sessions but are keen to get feedback from the affiliated clubs.  It would be very useful if you could write in the comments box below any suggestions that you have for topics you would like us to include in a training, information or discussion session.

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Anonymous User
Our club would like to pass on to our members the BMC offer of free liability insurance for members' children under 12. However, we don't have a family membership category, so the names of children would need to be registered separately from the rest of our members. A suggestion, which would seem easier for clubs and the BMC, would be for liability insurance for members' children under 12 to be included automatically as part of club membership, avoiding the need to register the names of those children. Would that be possible?
Anonymous User
Payment methods for club membership and meets (we are a national club and currently use cheques only and are experiencing difficuties owing to the decline in use of cheque books).
Anonymous User
The Facebook event for students on 'Rebuilding Your Club' looked useful. How about one for clubs with a slightly older demographic?
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