The Technical Committee is made up of volunteer members and the Technical Officer. The group contains a wide range of expertise, and includes mountain guides, engineers, research scientists and equipment manufacturers.
Meeting four times a year, the committee investigates instances of equipment failure reported to the BMC. The group produces the various BMC technical publications, and provides independent advice on equipment. Committee members sit on the two main standard making bodies for mountaineering equipment.
Yes. Ideally you'll have a science or engineering background and be an experienced walker, climber or mountaineer, but we'd also welcome those with expertise in areas such as instructing and education. Contact to find out more.
The BMC Technical Committee can help if you are concerned about a piece of equipment. It's usually quicker to send faulty gear back to the manufacturer, but if you are worried that other users may be in danger, then follow the advice on this page:
We all shop online these days, it's usually cheaper and more convenient than going to a brick's and mortar shop. For some things though, it may prove to be a false economy. A few pointers on what to avoid: It's always best to try footwear on before you buy as poorly fitting footwear will ruin your day. Buying second-hand climbing gear is like playing Russian Roulette - can you trust the seller with your life? The internet is awash with fake or counterfeit products. Even more prevalent are cheap non-certified products including ropes, harnesses and crampons. None of these can be relied upon to perform to the required standard. Avoid unbranded products and check that any safety equipment meets the correct CEN or UIAA standard. If it doesn't, then buyer beware!
There are plenty of helpful guides to help you with this on our website. Check out the Gear section on BMC TV. If you have time, we've made a film which covers everything you need to know about looking after your equipment so that it can look after you:
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