Latest Respect the Rock film: South Wales Sandstone

Posted by Team BMC on 26/02/2024
Respect The Rock: South Wales Sandstone

The BMC’s Tom Carrick and Eben Muse have been hard at work creating another Respect the Rock film to show some of the mistakes climbers might make at sandstone crags in South Wales. The Welsh and English (respectively) Access and Conservation Officers have been steadily adding to the Respect the Rock playlist on the BMC TV channel on YouTube which contains a mine of useful information on climbing safely and responsibly at a plethora of locations around England and Wales.

Their latest film shows climber Biff, played by Dafydd Millns, doing everything he shouldn’t be doing, while his climbing partner Gwen, Mabli Jen, despairs of him. It’s quite hard to watch this bumbling fool of a character if you’re the type of person who already respects the rock, but this will make a good resource for those not already clued in. Important issues like how to go to the loo and cook food at all crags, and how to climb responsibly in the right conditions at sandstone locations in South Wales are covered.

The video is available in both Welsh and English

WATCH: Parchu'r Graig: Tywodfaen De Cymru (Welsh version)

WATCH: South Wales Sandstone | Respect The Rock

In the Respect the Rock series playlist, Malham Cove, Northumberland, Stanage, Leicestershire, Pembrokeshire, Cheddar Gorge, Portland, Sport Climbing, Peak District Bouldering and Deep Water Soloing and more are covered. These short, info-packed films provide practical advice on important outdoor issues like parking, noise, erosion and waste disposal as well as highlighting the climbing issues specific to each area, crag or rock type.

WATCH: Respect the Rock playlist

These special places need your help to protect them for the future. Leave no trace, think of your impact on the environment and respect others.

Respect the rock

Can you climb there? Know before you go - check the BMC Regional Access Database. Understand the ethics and access conditions of where you climb.

Rock is delicate. Use good footwork and clean your shoes to reduce wear. Avoid sandstone and gritstone when its wet and more fragile.

Minimise chalk use. It spoils the experience for others. Clean chalky holds and tick marks after youre finished.

Develop crags responsibly. Talk to the local BMC Access Rep before cleaning vegetation, changing fixed equipment or making other changes to a crag which could affect access.

VIEW: Our Respect The Rock Code

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