Ticks: the dangers

The dangers of ticks in the outdoors explained.

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Anonymous User
Many thanks for such a helpful video with much good advice - the only thing I'd mention is that ticks may not need to be attached for hours to pass on infection. I ended up with Lyme, Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis courtesy of ticks that I never saw. I had flu-like symptoms, fatigue, pain in my joints and muscles, a sort of brain fog and sinusitis every few weeks for years. None of the GPs I saw recognised the relapsing pattern of Lyme or the rashes. I eventually became so ill I couldn't work any more. By then I also had awful migraines, nausea and vomiting, chills and night sweats, light and sound sensitivity, tinnitus and poor balance and I was almost bed-bound. I became so disoriented and forgetful I thought I might be developing Alzheimer's. I eventually found a private specialist doctor who made the right diagnosis. Unfortunately the NHS still doesn't seem to be up to speed on Lyme. It can create havoc in people's lives if it's left undiagnosed or not treated properly.
Anonymous User
Having organised climbing holidays in central Europe, ‘Tick Talk’ on day one was essential, Key advise: stick near me for best prevention. As they love me this is a subject I’m experienced with.

Stay on paths and in clearings as much as possible, inspect your clothing and fleshy bits regularly for the little critters.

Also, Insect Repellent sprayed on shoes and clothing up to the knees is an effective ‘deterrent’.

Itchy bites can linger for several weeks, if in doubt see your GP and if you feel it’s necessary ‘DEMAND’ a blood test.
Anonymous User
crikey! good to know but sobering info. i'll certainly be not walking in shorts this summer in the alps. thanks for a clear and poingent film.
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